Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock (game only) - Wii

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Nintendo Wii
NTSC (N. America)
Release Date:
September 28, 2010
ESRB Rating:
T - Teen
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Also Compatible On:
Wii U

Product Overview

Nintendo WII Game guaranteed to work like new


Released in 2010, "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" for the Nintendo Wii takes players on an exciting journey to use music to defeat a creature known simply as "The Beast." "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" appeals to fans of both the "Guitar Hero" franchise and hard rock in general, and it features songs from artists like Rush, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, and many others. Players use instrument controllers to play along. In addition to the new story mode, players also access the classic mode. In classic mode, you take over on guitar, drums, bass, and vocals on more than 93 classic rock, punk, and alternative tracks, allowing you to become a true musical warrior."Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" for the Wii was created by Activision. This "Guitar Hero" game allows console owners to simply pop their Wii controller into a larger "Guitar Hero" controller. After some practice with navigating the game, just about anyone has the ability to join the band and tap into their inner band hero. Modeled after an actual instrument, the controller amplifies gameplay. It does this simply by helping each player act the part of being in a real band. The challenge involved in this particular title stems from the new experience. The controller extends an immersive game by bringing everyone one step closer to experiencing an actual lead band role in their favorite song.The game is played by pressing corresponding buttons on the controller to what appears on the screen. Needing to press the red, blue, yellow, green, and additional buttons rapidly, anyone participating in a session quickly appreciates a fast hand. With customizable skill levels to suit the ability of each player, everyone is itching to pick up the guitar. Finding the rhythm to play along to a favorite tune is entertainment that few can turn down.The depth of rock stardom is enhanced with the presence of Star Power. Once a certain number of highlighted notes are correctly hit, anyone controlling the action on the screen simply takes advantage of the motion control of the Wii by tilting the guitar and activating some of the most impressive animation on the stage. These games are legendary for the enhanced quickplay options, the epic quest setting, and the large catalog of songs. Gamers are asked to choose their warrior upon beginning their quest. The group of characters features a number of customizable warriors. There are a few characters waiting for players to unlock them as well. Anyone looking to rock out will enjoy a session of quickplay on any of the instruments available. With several skill levels available, just about anyone can pick up a controller, wail on the red and green buttons and have some fun. Guitar enthusiasts and music fans of every age enjoy going against some of the most famous stars in rock history in songs used for "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock."

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